Types of interior designing styles

Looking to decorate your new home or renovate the old one, a lot of questions would come to your mind like what are the different types of interior designing styles? How to differentiate traditional interior designs from traditional ones? A lot of designing styles make you confused in choosing the direction in which you want to go in. Many interior designers blend multiple elements for different decorating styles, so it is important to have a brief idea about the several decorating styles. So, we’ve made a handsome collection of various interior designing styles and created a proper guide with help of inspirational images, decor recommendations, future styles, and lots more.

1.    Traditional designing style

One of the well-known designing styles is the traditional designing style when it comes to highlighting various interior designing styles. The traditional interior is mainly a combination of wooden tables and chairs made of dark color and ornately detailed. As its roots are embedded in 18th and 19th century England and France. So, it is self-explanatory to find expensive textiles like velvet, silk, and linen, as an element of window treatment. The most popular fabric patterns are floral, striped, damask, and plaids. Some traditional styles include a neutral color palette with pops brought in with oil paintings or floral arrangements.

2.    Mid-century modern style

The mid-1900s produced some iconic pieces in a modern style elucidated by minimalist silhouettes, refined lines, and natural shapes. The mid-century modern masters creatively molded the styles by using the latest materials of the era such as molded plastic, plywood, and aluminum for the interior designs.

3.    Modern interior designing styles

Many people confuse modern designing styles with contemporary ones. Though there are lots of similarities between the two, few red lights are signs of the modern interior. Modern style is referred to for a specific period while contemporary ones are ever-evolving. Modern interior designing styles include furniture with smooth and sleek surfaces, while metal, glass, and chrome are the favorite most choices among designers, while the decor is kept minimal.

4.    Contemporary interior designing styles

In the history of interior design styles, contemporary styles are the most evolving ones. These are most likely to evolve in the twenty-first century. Contemporary interior designs are simple and sleek and use multiple features such as detailed moldings on windows, doors, walls, and open layouts in a view to creating a distinct interesting space. Typical contemporary furniture has exposed legs with lean lines that reflect an airy and light feel. The use of metal and glass has become prominent that creates the ultimate mixed look of the decor styles. The neutral color palettes with texture fabrics create the perfect luxury modern interior.

5.    Industrial interior designing style

At the turn of the industrial era, the industrial interior designing style became more prominent, with the liberal use of exposed steel connected with wooden elements, with a combination of exposed brick walls. The modern variant has a hue of copper tone. In a nutshell, industrial decor moves towards rustic and mature styles. Depending on your taste, the industrial decor can vary from modern rustic with cleaner lines to rugged vintage with elaborate ornamentation, from which you can opt for any of the design such as darker, lighter, antique, or chic look design.

Final Thoughts

There are multiple interior designing styles, out of which traditional, mid-modern, modern, contemporary, and industrial designing styles are more loved interior designing styles.

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